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For a few years I played base in the Mean Woman Blues Band, with "mean woman" Celia Hirst on vocals. This a song that I wrote about elections in 1990. Not much has changed: the faces change, but the issues today remain surprisingly similar to then....I was playing bass on this of course, but not singing.  The gruff male voice was our harmonica player Gary Potter. My sister in rhythm was Larraine La Rock, guitarist Andie Keddy and Blues Harp Garry.  Great Band to play in!

Blue Funk.

Usually our opening number, an instrumental jam.

The Next Generation....

Neil Dixon is a great violinist. A video with his friend luca playing some devilshly hard Wieniawski a Bach Gavotte for solo violin.

Nobody but Huw

The very last song I played  at the farewell gig. The title "nobody but you" gradually changed and one by one the other players dropped out, rather as in Haydn's Farewell symphony..

Link to more MWB vidoes

I have played in a few bands. At high school, we had a knock around band called Schmaltz where I sometimes sang and played electric violin.  We played anything from Alice Cooper songs (Under my wheels), Stones classics and the house of the rising sun. At university in 1977-78 I was drafted in to play bass with a 50's style rock and roll band called Rick O'Shea and the Revolvers, with lead singer fellow Balliol man Mick Mitchell. I am not really a fan of rock and roll, but it is great fun to play. My favourite numbers included Great Balls of Fire and the more obscure Flying saucer rock and role.  We also did a mean funked up version of Route 66.  Later on I joined a heavy metal combo called the Tree Surgeons. This was all sorts of stuff: Beatles, Stones, AC/DC and some prog rock.  When I left university there was a gap, but in 1989 I joined the Mean Woman Blues band. Luckily, there are some recordings and photos of this.....

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