Chapters in Books

Chapters in Books

I have written many chapters for books. Some of the best known of these have become chapters in Surfing Economics.  However, there are some others not contained in Surfing.

Imperfect Competition and Open Economy Macroeconomics, in Van der Ploeg (ed) Handbook of International Macroeconomics, Blackwells, 1994.  Chapter 2, pp.31-59.

“The multiplier in an economy with monopolistic output markets and competitive labour markets, (Huw Dixon,  Marta Aloi and Phil Lawler). Market behaviour and macroeconomic modelling, ed Hans van Ees. Ch 1, pp.3-40, Macmillan Press (1998).

Old, new and post Keynesians and the IS/LM model (with Bill Gerrard).  In Warren Young and Ben-Zion Zilberfarb (eds),  IS/Lm and Modern Macroeconomics,  pp.7-28.  Kluwer, 2001

Regulatory Policy and the Competition Process in the UK Contract Gas Market: a theoretical analysis, (with Joshi Easaw) in MacKerron G and Pearson P eds, The International Energy Experience: markets, Regulations and the Environment, British Institute of Energy economics, Imperial College London.  Also Review of Industrial Organization, June 2001, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 379-396.

Taipai 101, August 2012. The tallest building in the world befroe the Dubai tower. Awesome, and uniqueliy it has an open air viewing platform almost at the top. The view was amazing....aaagh

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