Introductory Mathematics for MSc Students


    Introductory Mathematics for Economics MSc’s

These lectures are the pre-sessional one week course for students who do not have an economics undergraduate degree and who are doing the MSc IEBF etc.  Anyone who has done an economics degree will have covered all of the material here.  However, those students with accounting and other degrees may not have studied maths since high school.  It is for these students that the lectures are designed. The course aims to remind you of some basic maths, introduce you to some new ideas (e.g. lagrange multipliers) and most importantly show how the mathematics is used in the sort of economics you will be coming across in the course.

Course Outline and Reading List

Lecture 1 Differentiation

Lecture 2 Optimisation and specific functions

Lecture 3 Multi-variable functions and Constrained Optimisation

Lecture 4 Linear Algebra and Simultaneous Equations

Lecture 5 Difference Equations

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